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EF60——Bright frame insulation curtain wall series

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  • Date of release:2018/12/27
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Detailed introduction

Structure width 60mm

Minimum visible surface 60mm

1. Good energy saving: the horizontal frame, the vertical frame and the pressure plate are connected by heat insulation strips, which effectively improves the insulation performance of the curtain wall and reduces energy consumption.

2. Perfect drainage design: Fully consider the drainage design of the curtain wall, so that the rainwater entering the curtain wall system can flow smoothly without water leakage.

3, the special open-frame heat-breaking window design: further reduce the occurrence of cold bridges and improve the thermal insulation performance of the curtain wall.

4. Convenient construction: dry construction is adopted. Structural seals are used between the horizontal frame and the mullion. It is not necessary to fill the sealant on site, and it is not affected by weather or weather.

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