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EC52 economical high heat insulation swing series system doors and windows

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  • Date of release:2018/12/27
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Detailed introduction

Structure width 52mm

Insulation strip 24mm

Airtight level 8

Watertight level 6

Wind pressure resistance level 7

Insulation level 6

Sound insulation level 3

K value 2.2w (m2·k)

1. Economical high heat insulation flat product solution.

2. Different thickness of glass can be configured according to different performance requirements.

3, good insulation performance: the same section width of the profile, its insulation effect is more prominent, the same insulation index under this product is more economical.

4, excellent decorative performance: with window cover and window sill, and can be used with different colors to decorate different effects.

5, concealed drainage structure, no exposed drainage holes, the overall appearance is generous.

6. Excellent watertight performance: Using the principle of equal pressure and stepped drainage structure, the reasonable drainage channel is designed to avoid the rainwater flowing into the room and improve the waterproof performance of the doors and windows.

7, excellent airtight performance: the design has multiple seals, using EPDM strips to enhance the sealing effect.

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