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EOSS ES70 series system door and window project collection

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EOSS ES70 series system door and window project collection

Date of release:2021-02-03 Author:

EOSS ES70 series system door and window products are heat insulation casement door and window solutions specially formulated for cold areas. In addition to standardized notches and general accessories, this series uses 33mm heat insulation strips, interface width 70mm, minimum visible The surface is 88mm. The thermal insulation performance of this series of conventional inner opening window products has reached level 8, and the energy-saving performance has been greatly improved. Moreover, in order to better adapt to the harsh climate in cold areas, the Eosi ES70 series has derived all-aluminum windows and heat exchange windows. Eosi ES70 heat exchange new air window adopts active air supply system, which can filter PM2.5 particles, with negative ion module; can be installed to open anti-theft screens; customized 33mm wide band wing-shaped PA66+25% glass fiber nylon heat insulation strip, significantly improved Insulation performance.

Shijiazhuang Medical College


The Shijiazhuang Medical College project is located in Shijiazhuang. The school’s existing main campus and Hongqi campus covers an area of 388,400 square meters, a building area of 206,900 square meters, a teaching and administrative area of 105,300 square meters, and a dormitory area of 38,800 square meters. This project adopts EOSS ES70 series.

Xiushui Huafu Project


The Xiushui Huafu Project, located in Hexi New District, Zhalantun City, Inner Mongolia, was developed by Inner Mongolia Sitong Real Estate Development Co., Ltd. The project has an area of about 20,000 square meters of doors and windows. This project adopts EOSS ES70 series.

Sky Diamond Project


Huashan Longcheng "Sky Diamond" Project

Xinhu Meilizhou project


The Xinhu Meilizhou project is located at the intersection of Tianjin Jinghai Tuanbo Avenue and Shenghu Road. The total area is 69,000 square meters, and the building area is 120,000 square meters. The project is planned to have townhouses, houses, and high-rise products. It is an exquisite community with low plot ratio in Tianjin. This project selects EOSS ES70 series.

Huafa Midtown Waterfront Project


The Huafa Midtown Waterfront Project is a residential development with an area of 65037 square meters and a total construction area of 262,759 square meters, with the main frame structure. This project adopts EOSS ES70 external opening series.

Jingjin Gate


"Jingjin Gate" is located in the core area of Cangzhou High-speed Railway New City. The total planned area of "Jingjin Gate" is about 210 hectares (3100 acres), of which: residential land is about 1300 acres; commercial land: about 267 acres; sports land is about 438 acres; about 818 acres of land for ecological greening. The project will be built into a representative modern life demonstration area in Cangzhou, and will stand on the Beijing-Tianjin portal with the image of Cangzhou's business card.The Project adopts ES70,ES70A series.

Residential Alliance Base


Residential Alliance Test Demonstration Base, located in Shunyi District, Beijing, with a total land area of 23416.7 square meters. It is jointly organized by China Real Estate Association, National Housing Technology Industry Technology Innovation Strategic Alliance, Beichen Zhengfang Construction Group Co., Ltd., and China Housing Research Association Youcai Information Technology Co., Ltd. The joint development and construction of the residential alliance test demonstration base took the lead in realizing the pilot test, display and integration of a variety of building industrialized products and houses. The base adopts EOSS ES78 and ES70 series.

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