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EOSS ES65 series system door and window project collection

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EOSS ES65 series system door and window project collection

Date of release:2021-01-30 Author:

EOSS ES65 series system door and window products are system door and window solutions specially developed and designed for hot summer and warm winter areas. It is also a supplementary extension series of EOSS ES61 series. In addition to the European standard notch, micro-ventilation design, anti-falling device, In addition to the design of basic types such as child locks, this series also adopts a frame fan flush design, with a 112mm viewable surface that is more beautiful; the fixed position of the sliding support fan is set with a card position, which can be opened 90° without obstacles; a flat slot design, no water storage Area, the drainage is more smooth. Commonly used inwardly opening and inverted windows have a wind pressure resistance of 9, airtightness of 8, watertightness of 5, sound insulation of 3, and a K value of 1.42.

Yunzhou Xifu

Yunzhou Xifu, occupies the core of Inner Mongolia’s only national-level new district and Linger New District, 1191 acres of Inner Mongolia Hesheng Real Estate’s high-quality market, close to 500 acres of native ecological wetland, and a 20-square-kilometer ecological corridor within easy reach, enjoying a unique location advantage. The first phase of Fuzhou is dedicated to the life of a small detached villa in a large courtyard in Hohhot, and the second phase of the Summer Palace is planned for the seniors’ college, community medical and nursing center, health data center, health canteen, senior auditorium, intergenerational parent-child kindergarten, The Jingxiu Pavilion, the smart decoration of the whole house, and the nearly 100,000 square meter regional commercial center are leading Hohhot's all-quality facilities. The third-phase products in the subsequent planning will cover high-quality high-rise buildings, garden houses, stacked townhouses, and refined apartments. Dedicating the quality of life of urban elites. Adopt EOSS ES65 series.

Yushu project

The Beijing Rongchuang Yushu project is located in the core area of Shunyi New Town, the most popular international villa area in Beijing. It follows a scientific model to build a villa. The ecological environment, transportation network, architectural form, spatial layout, and service mode have reached unprecedented heights.  The base adopts EOSS ES61 and ES65 series.

Antai Yuehuwan project

Antai Yuehuwan project is a high-end residential community developed by Antai Group. The project covers an area of more than 130,000 square meters (204 acres), with a ground floor area of more than 170,000 square meters, including villas, garden houses, and small high-rise buildings overlooking the sea. This project adopts EOSS ES65 series.

Zhonghai Harbor City

Dalian Zhonghai Harbor City is a large-scale urban complex project built by Zhonghai Real Estate on Renmin Road in Zhongshan District, Dalian. The planned area is close to 1.6 million square meters, covering high-end integrated businesses such as luxury residences overlooking the sea, boutique apartments, government-planned Pacific Place, top city hotels, skyscrapers and commercial office buildings. Harbour City not only has its own advantages, but its location is the core of Dalian. The government-planned "International Cruise Homeport, Undersea Tunnel and Double Metro" and other popular supporting facilities in Dalian are waiting around you, creating a city that integrates humanities, transportation, leisure, shopping, etc. An urban landmark project with comprehensive advantages. This project adopts EOSS ES65 series.

Donglin Mansion Project

Donglin Mansion Project is located in Xiaoshan Development Zone, Xiaoshan, Hangzhou, Zhejiang. It was built by Hangzhou Chuanghua Real Estate Co., Ltd., with a total construction area of 120,000, a total area of 41,568, and a total of 478 houses. This project adopts EOSS ES65 series.

Jinxiu Shoufu Project

The Jinxiu Shoufu Project is adjacent to the International Medical Science Center, surrounded by three rail transit lines, consisting of villas, garden houses, high-rise and small high-rise residential buildings and large-scale commercial buildings. The project plans to build 12 kindergartens, 36 primary and middle schools, and 30 high schools to create a 15-year one-stop education resource from kindergarten to high school, and build 700,000 square meters of full-age education to prestigious schools. This project adopts EOSS ES65 series.

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