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EOSS is waiting for you at the 9th Door and Window Exposition

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EOSS is waiting for you at the 9th Door and Window Exposition

Date of release:2019-03-13 Author:

1. Fair Name: Ninth China (Linqu) Home Doors and Windows Expo

2. Organizer: China Building Metal Structure Association

Contractor: China International Window and Door Curtain Wall Expo City

Supporting units: China Nonferrous Metal Processing Industry Association, China Building Decoration Association, China Formwork Scaffolding Association, Shandong Construction Machinery Association, China International Window and Door Wall Expo City Chamber of Commerce, China-Europe Energy-saving Door and Window Industry Development Alliance, Guangdong Door Industry Association, Guangzhou Shenzhen Door and Window and Curtain Wall Society, Shenzhen Civil Architecture Society of Guangdong Professional Committee of Door and Window and Curtain Wall Sichuan Door and Window Industry Association, Hubei Door Industry Association, Nanjing Moving Door Industry Association of Jiangsu Province, Renqiu Architectural Door and Window Industry Association of Hebei Province, Linqu Aluminum Profile Industry Association

3. Exhibition time: 18 April 2019 - 20 April 2019

4. Exhibition venue: China International Gate, Window and Curtain Wall Expo City

5. Scope of exhibition: Aluminum home, entrance door, kitchen/balcony door, wardrobe door, bathroom door, wooden door, copper door, aluminium art door, aluminium alloy window, solid wood window, aluminium-wood composite window, screen window, sunshine room, arbor, fence, hardware accessories, aluminium material, aluminium template, glass, rubber strip, glue, etc.

6. Exhibition Hotline: 0536-3393333

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